Cloud-based Financial and Fundraising software for Nonprofits

OneNFP believes that nonprofits spend too much time and money managing business operations and donor relationships. We’ve partnered with Microsoft to change that with financial and fundraising software that’s smart, confident, and simple.

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OneNFP knows what matters to nonprofits

OneNFP Financials

Hand holding tablet displaying OneNFP Financials

OneNFP Financials is financial management specifically designed for nonprofits.

Reduce time spent on manual allocations and meeting reporting requirements by tracking program expenses and budgets with automated audit control.

OneNFP Fundraising

Laptop displaying OneNFP Fundraising

OneNFP Fundraising allows the user to track interactions and communication with your donors and volunteers, providing a more personalized approach that leads to greater success for your donor engagement efforts.

Keep your constituents engaged with simplified, professional management and report on every aspect to fine-tune your approach and increase results.

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